Another pic from yesterday 😍
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Hiked 8 miles up to a couple alpine lakes yesterday and it was SO hard but SO worth it 😍
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Just got surprised at work with these beauties :’) 🌸
freegypsywildsoul said:

I'm going to visit Seattle, what stores do you recommend? :)

Go roam around downtown, Capitol Hill, and Fremont and you’ll find some treasures ^_^

tacomababe said:

Was hard summer a fun festival? I want to go this year but don't know if it's worth the travel and money! Please give me your opinion on it :)

The music was bomb but the venue was horrid and so was security. Good thing the venue changed this year. The people also sucked haha every stage I went to I felt like my friends and I were the only ones dancing..but a lot of people had a good time :) so you should go experience it for yourself! Everyone always has a different experience.

kkelsz said:

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and remember not to ever be hard on yourself, in any situation, because you're doing the best you can with what you have ♡ Invest in loving your heart when it is weak and your mind when it is heavy (❁˘◡˘❁) Your actions of self love can inspire others to dream more, live more and love more — grow stronger with negativity and humble with positivity

Aw that’s beautiful :’) thanks love

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Nothing better ♡